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    DefaultDog Number 3


    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
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    DefaultRe: Dog Number 3

    This one looks like it's related to dog number one

    Nice topline, although maybe a bit high in rear. Body not balanced with head. His front on views of head and chest promise a much more substantial dog but he doesn't flow on. Just not enough substance for a fully matured dog. Head is okay and expression nice. Weak rear end, poor angulation. Slightly cow hocked. Appears to be down on front pasturns. Front seems okay but has a lot of dulap which makes him seem front heavy on the side profile. Makes it diffiult to assess the amount of prosternum without running hands over him.

    In the challenge line up so far dog number two has first place. I am sure you'll come up with something nice for the next one.

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    DefaultRe: Dog Number 3

    Man, the sheer angles of some of these photos seem off maybe? This one is another one that looks like it is all head?

    To me, this dog has a pleasing, kind expression, though he seems a bit snipey through the muzzle. I like what I see from the front and rear, but the entire balance of the dog seems off from the side view. Front angles and length of upper arm seem good, and there is a pronounced keel, but it almost seems as if there isn't much overall substance around his girth/chest (ie- ribcage). He has a good topline (especially considering he is 8 years old) and tailset, though he looks like he may be out of coat and seems to have adequate bone. He seems straight through the stifle with not much mass/musculature to his thigh/rump- perhaps he has some arthritic changes causing mild muscle atrophy or something like that?

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Dog Number 3

    I much kinder expression on this dog as opposed dog #2. Also, black is my favorite color. I like this dog’s coat and the breadth of chest. I think it has nice long neck. I am personally not a big fan of such a pronounced keel. This dog either has over-angulated shoulder-humerus joint or has a small/short shoulder blade and humerus (kind of like Dauschunds). He also appears out of balance with too much weight in the front half of his body. A bit straight in the stifle.

    I think he’s looking nice and fit for an 8 y.o. dog with good muscle tone. I like his tail (no featering). In the photo from the rear he looks kind of weak in the rear with bent hocks and his rear legs in the same planes as his front legs (instead of rear legs standing a bit wider than the front legs).


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