Sienna at 8 months
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    DefaultSienna at 8 months

    Think she could be going through a nasty growth phase, lol? I have a dilemma as I had plans to attend a show in early May with Sienna, but after the people's comments on Yuna's thread, I'm not so sure now. I just wanted to get some experience, as so far I've only been to a match, but I guess I should wait until she matures a bit more? :P Yuna...I thought this picture would make you feel a bit better about Floss, who is otherwise gorgeous I think besides her high rear end

    All comments and critiques are of course welcome from anyone!

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    DefaultRe: Sienna at 8 months...Yuna look, lol

    Uh oh, twins!

    My breeder is still expecting me to go, I think they'll be happy when I back out. I think they were hoping to see me after my last show disaster just too make sure I haven't lost my nerve.
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    DefaultRe: Sienna at 8 months...Yuna look, lol

    Oh, I had forgotten about your mean judge. I guess I'll wait Sienna out. Her movement is less than beautiful right now anyway...I plan on posting some pictures and asking questions about movement soon. I was looking forward to competing at real show even if she did get dead last : Maybe by the end of summer? Now I"m having a panick feeling that she will never grow into those back legs, argh...waiting game is no fun at all.


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