New pics of my girls
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Thread: New pics of my girls

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    DefaultNew pics of my girls

    I tried to take some pictures of the girls this weekend. They are not the best. I know that Chloe is in a weird growing stage (rear high) but I am hoping she will level out before the DFWLRC specialty. Chloe will be a year on March 14th and does come from slow maturing lines. Anna is 7 months old. She is just now starting be become a little rear high. I know this can be a bad time to look but would still like comments.

    Here is Chloe at 8 weeks

    Here she is now.

    Here is Anna at 8 weeks

    Here is is now.

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    DefaultRe: New pics of my girls

    Hey Dayna. Don't you just love those slow developing lines? I've been there.....many times. Hang in there, they'll level out and mature in their own sweet time.


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