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    He will be 2 years old in May. I would like to hear your opinions on him. Please be honest. TIA

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    I will be interested in hearing what other people have to say. I am very inexperienced in evaluating dogs, but I'll take a small shot at it. I like his head. Overall, it seems like he is a little short in his body . I would like to see his body a little longer and a little more second thigh. I"m still trying to figure out about "straight shoulders" and what they look like. I like his front, but would like to see if most people think he is straight in the shoulder.

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    This is my LIMITED educational opionion...I'm new and still learning the ins and outs of conformation, but here's what I think just for fun...

    I also like his head. His reach of neck is okay. What jumps out right away is the shortness of his body in comparison to his length of leg as above poster mentioned I think. I think he could have a bit more upper arm and a bit more angulation in the rear. I do like that he looks fit and not clumbersome.

    He's a pretty boy!


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