My girls today
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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultMy girls today

    My remote and tripod are getting a workout!

    My girls today.

    Wigeon - almost 3 years old

    Scout - 7 years old next month

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    DefaultRe: My girls today

    wow sharon.. they look great!! it looks very cold there..

    Twinpond's Jasmine "Jazz" Dream
    Born 12.31.04

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    DefaultRe: My girls today

    Is Wigeon the one you always put the disclaimer on...She's my daughter's dog, etc.....
    IF so, you are certainly not doing her justice...she is a very pretty girl, nicely balanced and the apple didn't fall very far from the tree. You and mom should be proud ;D

    Can't wait for my SLR too!!!!!!

    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
    - Anonymous

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    DefaultRe: My girls today

    Widge looks great! She just keeps getting better and better with age!

    And Scout, she's got a special spot in my heart for sure, she seems like such a sweetie!


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