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    When practicing stacking with Sienna, she has a tendency to pull back her ears. It looks really akward. Any helpful hints on getting her to relax them? I'm thinking she'll stop once she learns that we're having fun instead of training. I try to make it fun, but she tenses when holding her "pose"

    TIA for any suggestions/help!

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    DefaultRe: Help with ears

    First I would say - don't overdo it! And looking at the pictures you sent I would say she feels mighty uncomfortable with the leash so tight behind her ears as this is very sensitive area. Ususaly you put the leash behind the ears for corrections while training. Try to loosen the leash arround her neck and when stacked free the leash should be loose anyway
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    LabDecalLady Guest

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    Thanks for the helpful hint. I've been noticing that as I practice her that she is tense with a tight leash, so I've been practicing without a leash at all. Just having her stop, stand, stay. She looks a lot more relaxed in body, but still tenses her ears, lol. ??

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    DefaultRe: Help with ears

    Capture it with a clicker.

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