Sienna - 6 months old with photos
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Thread: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

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    LabDecalLady Guest

    DefaultSienna - 6 months old with photos

    Sienna and I are both new to showing conformation. We just started taking classes in January. I'm hoping to have her ready sometime this spring. Here are some pictures for critique. I know I'm doing a lot wrong, but what do you think about her? Keep in mind too that this was our quick evening practice session and ignore me.

    Also, I don't when I should actually enter her in a show. I'm taking classes, reading books, etc. I will attending a couple events to watch soon. After that, though...should I wait until we both have everything pretty down pat, or should I jump in and learn more as we go? Since she will be in puppy class, will the judges be forgiving of her and of me being a novice? I'm nervous but excited to really get going with this. Thanks in advance for any help and all opinions...I'll accept the good, the bad, and the ugly I'm going to try to take some better pictures outside tomorrow, but here's what I have for now

    The last two are obviously of her free stacking, which we just started working on this week.

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    DefaultRe: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

    lol, I posted earlier looking for critiques on mine. I think everyone was busy watching the superbowl. I'm anxious to hear what people have to say. Sorry I can't give my opinion, I have no idea. I think she's pretty though!
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    DefaultRe: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

    Jump in and learn as you go. Don't put any pressure on yourself and just take lots of treats and a good attitude and teach her that the ring is a really fun place to be.
    I think some all-breed judges can expect a bit too much from puppies and some will put up with anitcs, but you are there for the experience anyway.
    Be careful when you stack her...hocks should be vertical and you've got her a bit too spread and it makes her look straight in the stifle. She seems to set herself up pretty well, so don't fiddle around with her too much.
    What is her pedigree?

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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultRe: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

    The free baiting photo is much better. In the other you have her rear too far in back. Free bait her from the front of her as well and not the side - when you do it from the side people tend to pull the head too far forward or allow the dog to creep.

    I agree with Fallriver. Jump right in and show her and learn as you go. I would suggest a handling class a well. She appears to be a dog that will fit in the ring so go for it!

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    DefaultRe: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

    I think I read on another board that she is in handling classes!

    She seems nice...I would definately do matches and puppy classes at your local shows just to get her used to being in the ring.

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    LabDecalLady Guest

    DefaultRe: Sienna - 6 months old with photos

    Thanks guys...we are in handling classes together, although it's more of a general practice for the ring than instruction.

    I agree that her free stack looked way better in the photo which just proves that she is far more intelligent and a much fast learner than I am

    The kennel she came from is Schoenfield's which is not very well known. But her litter was a line breeding on Tad (Ch. Belle Tradition O'Broad Reach, M.H.). You can see him here if anyone is interested. Pretty cool dog

    I think he's about 11 now, and retired. Thanks for all the encouragement. It's unfortunate, but I'm in an area where there are not a lot of fun matches, so I think I'll probably just have to jump right in a travel to one of the AKC events in California. It will be a learning experience for sure, and I'll make certain that we both have fun no matter what happens!


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