Critques on this 5 mos. old puppy
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Thread: Critques on this 5 mos. old puppy

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    DefaultCritques on this 5 mos. old puppy

    I have posted her previous pictures on here before, I would love more opinions though, we have a show coming up in Feb, she'll be six months just in time for the show, we just need to know of we should bring her along, what do you think? (we understand, and we also would love to hear the negative sides about our dogs) we would opnions on Buzzie and Drifter please.

    Very nice...

    Another great stack..

    after the photo shoot...

    very cute!

    video of Buzzie..."How do I look, mom?"

    another funny video "mom. I'm tired!I'm outta here!"

    Drifter..Sorry about the dirtyness, and the lines on his hind end, he was just sleeping in a crate and got a funny looking imprinting!

    and a video...

    another one..

    Other fun pictures...

    Vanilla, she is the mother to buzzie...

    cocoa, our obedience star...

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    DefaultRe: Critques on this 5 mos. old puppy

    They're both nice puppies. Lovin' the coat on the little girl! She looks good; she's got a nice reach of neck and appears to be put together quite nicely. She's got a lovely face.

    He looks good also, although he's a bit long for me. He's too stretched in the pictures, so it's hard to tell what his angles look like; I might want a bit more front and rear on him.

    Both puppies are posting in the pictures, though, and you'll want to make sure they don't do that in the ring.

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    DefaultRe: Critques on this 5 mos. old puppy

    your female has a lovely reach of neck. she appears to be posting in the picture. she has a nice turn of stifle even though she is to far out under her rear. nice balance and a nice package for her age. i would like to see more length of muzzle and ear eat set to balance her head. this may come in time as head is always the last thing to come.her coat appears to be good and dual,i would like to see a wee more layback. would like to see this puppy again at a one year stage.hope this helps.
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