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    I posted awhile back about Floss, she's 4mths and we might be showing her February 3rd. Well, I'm not exactly sure how, but she managed to get some gum in her fur. ><;; There were 2 spots, a pretty big spot on her front arm and a smaller spot near he back shoulder. I took her to get groomed today and asked them to leave the gum, unless they had something to take it out that wouldn't leave a bald patch. Soooo, I picked her up and there's a bald patch, as well as a bit of gum left. Should I be worried about this at all? Do you think it will grow in by Feb. Does it matter if it does? Aaaargh! I knew I shouldn't have bought a bucket of Double Bubble.

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    You've got about 6 weeks 'til she shows. I wouldn't worry too much about the bald spot. Should be fairly well haired over by that time. Besides, even if it's not, the main thing you want from showing a pup is ring experience. Enjoy your girl and don't sweat the small stuff.

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    DefaultRe: Bald Feb 3rd

    I agree, don't worry about the bare patch. When you take your baby in the ring it's all about making the experience fun. If you are worrying about if anyone can see the bare spot (if it's even there, and chances are YOU'LL still see it but no one else will...LOL), the pup will pick up on the anxiety. Just have a good time and enjoy your time learning in the ring.


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