I personally would love to see the small munsterlander in CKC shows....everyone vote!
This Poll is now open on the CKC website. Please vote for the following 9 breeds. This is not a breed referendum for full breed recognition. It is a poll to add these breeds to the "new" miscellaneous list. A positive poll would allow these breed to compete in CKC events until the time they are ready to pursue full breed recognition.

How to vote:

Go to CKC website. http://www.ckc.ca/en/
Login (top right corner), you will need your CKC membership number and password
Once in the site, go to "membership Services" it will expand and go to
"publish for comment"
Scroll down to "Polling of the Members"
Click on "Comment"

1.) Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Turkey)
2.) Australian Kelpie (Australia)
3.) Black Russian Terrier (Russia)
4.) Finnish Lapphund (Finland)
5.) Kleiner Munsterlander Vorstehund (Germany)
6.) Mudi (Hungary)
7.) Shikoku (Japan)
8.) Tatra Sheepdog (Poland)
9.) Tibetan Mastiff (Tibet)

Please cross post........