Post-show stress relief (photos)...
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Thread: Post-show stress relief (photos)...

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    DefaultPost-show stress relief (photos)...

    Monty took his class both days this weekend, and went RWD yesterday. We didn't do anything in the WD class today, but that's was a fun day with great company, and it even rained (much needed in southern California where the fires have been raging)!

    After the show, Monty and his best friend Arthur (his competition) got to goof around and play to release some steam. It was pretty funny watching those boys... Monty turned 11 months a week ago and Arthur is almost 11 months (on October 14th), so they're pretty close- both in size and mentally. LOL

    Monty is the slightly larger, lighter-colored one on the right and Arthur is the darker and slightly smaller one on the left.

    Does that look like Woofus' cousin or what? Only I think this guy looks a bit more "green" (probably from being yanked around by a couple of teenagers). LOL

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Post-show stress relief (photos)...

    Well done, Julie - Monty seems to have taken to the fancy like a duck to water! Enjoy that boy and let us continue to enjoy the photos!

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    DefaultRe: Post-show stress relief (photos)...

    Hmmm, they say frogs legs taste like chicken! ;D Those two boys are having a good time and I think its a good idea for youngster to get to joke around and enjoy just also being a dog after ringtime. Congrats on the wins, Monty is certainly growing up!
    Cheers,<br />Kim

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    DefaultRe: Post-show stress relief (photos)...

    ;D Nice photos! Well done on the wins.


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