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    DefaultAnother head question

    I know Scotty is not a show dog, but he is the best I've got to help me learn. I think I'm getting better in terms of understanding body conformation, but JP's thread on heads made me feel quite clueless. I would greatly appreciate any opinions (good and bad) on Scotty's head. These are some of the most recent pictures right before and right after when he turned 1 year old. TIA

    Mostly straight on:



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    DefaultRe: Another head question

    His stop is a little more dished and pronounced than I prefer, and I like a slightly longer muzzle, but overall I think it's cute. He's got a sweet expression.

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    DefaultRe: Another head question

    His stop is pretty pronounced, but he has a nice expression. He has a good look about him though. His look seems more typical than some labs I have seen.

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    DefaultRe: Another head question

    Tatyana - in comparison with the precise geometry of body conformation, the ideal Lab head is probably much more subjective. That is exactly why I started the other thread - to see what other breeders looked for in puppy heads.

    I have seen breed specialists put up heads that I find most untypical in otherwise good competition. I don't enjoy being critical of other people's Labs and, although in agreement with the comments on stop and muzzle length, it is important to remember that the all-important aspect of a Lab head for any owner is expression. So, just look into those eyes and enjoy the love.

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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultRe: Another head question

    As JP mentioned heads are very subjective and expression is of the utmost importance and also I don't like to see any other breed. I see only Labrador in Scotty and he's got a very soft expression. I love his backskull, forehead, and ears. He has larger eyes than I prefer and I agree that he does have a relatively short muzzle with a dished stop.


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