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    Just curious.* Why is it that so many yellow labs have those terrible tear stained eyes?* I went to the Keystone Cluster dog show this past weekend and was surprised at how many of these lovely show dogs have such awful leaking eyes.* I mean, shouldn't show dogs have nice clear eyes?* Why would you breed a dog(I guess I should not assume that all show dogs are bred)that has such weepy eyes. Wouldn't this be passed on to the next generation?* *Shouldn't this be concidered a fault?


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    Healthy Labrador eyes are not weepy, no matter the colour. Entropion can cause weepy eyes, but I can see no point in showing a dog with that disorder. One problem that comes to mind at this time of the year is seasonal, allergic conjunctivitis caused by the high pollen count in the atmosphere. Some dogs do seem to suffer with this.


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