Getting your dog 'up' for the ring
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Thread: Getting your dog 'up' for the ring

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    DefaultGetting your dog 'up' for the ring

    Hi guys,
    I know with most labs getting your dog 'up' for the ring is really never a problem, but what techniques do you use, other than bait to get the dog excited?

    I showed my dane yesterday (she hasn't been out in a year) and she stacked beautifully, let the judge go over her beautifully and moved like a log..... :-\ Used her favorite toy to throw a the end of the down and back and got great expression...but she was like a pig on a rope. I think she had too good a time visiting before she went into the ring!

    BTW AKC Judge Sulie Greendale Pavesza - great with puppies, owner handlers, wonderful judge to show to!

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    DefaultRe: Getting your dog 'up' for the ring

    Was the show indoor or outdoor? What time of day was it? Does the Dane show the same lack of interest in moving at handling class? How long were you ringside before your class? Had you fed her? Do you find that effects attitude? What sort of collar do you show on? Maybe try something a little softer? To me sounds like a dog that is steady but not wild about showing off. Have you had someone else try and show her in a class? How much get up and go do you want in a Dane anyway?
    Welcome to 20 questions ) LOL


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