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    I know Scotty in no conformation prospect, but I want to know what you think about his structure for health reasons more than anything. He has ebow dysplasia. He has stright stifles, and I'm making stand on his rear legs a little bit each day to build the muscles to help prevent possible ACL. Anything else that you see that is of concern? Also, what do you think about his balance?


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    I know nothing about structure relating to function of dogs, but I just wanted to sya how handsome Scotty looks all grown up And that I'm insanely jealous of the you having mountains in your backyard!

    I'll be interested to read the other replies.

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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: Opinions Please

    Sorry I don't know anything about conformation either ... but Scotty sure is cute.

    And the view in your photo ... well it's just to die for! ;D

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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultRe: Opinions Please

    He sure is cute! I love his coat.

    Yes he is very straight in the rear plus his right rear is more forward in each photo giving the illusion that it's even straighter than the left. It's not swollen at all in the hock? My Cuffy has OCD in one hock and that leg has always been much straighter in the stifle than the other.


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