Conformation eval of 11 month old?
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Thread: Conformation eval of 11 month old?

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    DefaultConformation eval of 11 month old?

    Just curious (he isn't bred for conformation at all, comes from decades of assistance dogs but he's the "labbiest" lab I've had). Can you tell anything from the crappy psuedo-stacked shots below? Just trying to get a better feel for conformation.

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    He looks like a Lab. He looks fine. He's not a show dog. But that's probably OK since he's just your pet!

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    Loving the tail wag

    From a UK perspective only, he's slightly too long in the leg, the length of leg should equal the depth of chest. He's nicely short coupled, but his length of leg makes that look a bit odd, and the way he's stood makes him look very straight in the back end, so his tail set looks even further out, if you taught him to stand four square for the show ring that would be improved. It's hard to tell from the pics, one photo seems to show a bit of front, the next few seem to show less front ie chest, he's a nice medium built boy, which I prefer but the show ring in the UK is lighter than in the US. He looks most of all, to be a really happy boy, which is what matters, we all have our preferences, and what I like, or think, may not be what others like.

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    Legs are too long, tuck up is very apparent, head and chest look O.K. (dunno about bite). Unfortunately, Judges tend to go with short legged, pudgy specimens if you are considering conformation showing.
    Looks to be all lab but more on the side of hunting rather than confirmation.

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