Council Bluffs Kennel Club in Lincoln NE major??
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Thread: Council Bluffs Kennel Club in Lincoln NE major??

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    DefaultCouncil Bluffs Kennel Club in Lincoln NE major??

    My name is Rachael Lenaeus of Blue Heaven Labradors in Kennard, NE. My mom is Dori Lenaeus. I am posting in reguards to the Council Bluffs Kennel Club show in Lincoln, NE on November 20 and 21. The show entries close on November 3 and I am trying to organize a major. There are a few breeder/owner-handlers that are trying to find majors to finish their dogs. I am writing because I am one of them and I am trying to find other Lab showers that would be interested in this. I have a few people that have already said that if it can be a major they will enter. My mom and I are entering our boy Jasper "Briarwood's Blue Heaven Twilight" and our girl Trudy "Briarwood's Blue Heaven Truth or Dare." If a major can form there will be 2 more dogs and 1 more bitch that will be added. That together makes 3-2-0-0, as of now. Please let me know so I can add into the major "pool" and I can send everyone an E-mail in reguards to this. I am asking breeders and handlers alike so if you know of anyone else that hasn't been E-mailed (and I will put a list below) then please feel free to give my E-mail and information below to them so they can contact me.

    Already informed:

    Blue Heaven Labradors
    Briarwood Labradors
    Hayshaker Labradors
    Queen's Royal Labradors
    Honor Labradors
    Charm Labradors
    Govenor Kennels Labradors
    Kelrobin Labradors
    Hoffmann's Labradors
    Critter Creek Farm Labradors
    Rozihill Labradors
    Shadow Myst Labradors
    Debken's Labradors
    Formaro Labradors
    Prairie Sky Kennel Labradors
    Lab Haven Labradors
    Rhapsody Labradors
    Triple T Kennel Labradors
    Brooker Labradors
    Glen-Mar Labradors

    Erin Hall-Handler has been notified

    Please, again, let me know so we can beat the odds and have a major at CB again

    Thank you for your time!!

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    Good Luck building your major! It's a bit too far for me this year. Depending on how Jed does next year, I might start to travel. I just got bumped up to full time hours at work, so I might actually have the cash next year as well!

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