Any recommended books?
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Thread: Any recommended books?

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    DefaultAny recommended books?

    I'm new to the Conformation ring (well I have halter horses, but thats a tad different, haha).
    I do have a mentor and a nice puppy, but I was wondering if there are any good books out there that anyone recommends about showing, and/or specifically labs? Sometimes breeders, vetern handlers, etc. put out books, so I'm just checking to see if anyone knows of any!

    On a side note a lot of you have some BEAUTIFUL dogs, I've enjoyed looking at all the pictures!

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    DefaultRe: Any recommended books?

    The only one I can think of is Heather Wiles Fone's book. There are some nice handling tips in there with pictures.
    You might be best to go to specialties and watch and learn

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    DefaultRe: Any recommended books?

    There is one called the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Showing that I liked.

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    DefaultRe: Any recommended books?

    I really like the Pat Trotter (Craige) book Born To Win: Breed To Succeed. She really goes in-depth about how form follows function and why as well as how form affects function and movement. I also hear Pat Hastings' The Puppy Puzzle is really good, and I've been trying to add it to my own collection. One book that's specifically about handling and showing is by Dr. Caroline Coile and it's called Show Me!, and it's a very good starter/intro book, IMHO. I second the Wiles-Fone book (The Ultimate Labrador Retriever- 2nd Ed) as well.

    Is that your puppy in your avatar? S/he is very cute! Where did you get her/him- if you don't mind me asking (you can PM me if you don't want to say publically)? My husband and I recently got a black show bred girl as well, and are really looking forward to having some fun showing. Good luck!
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