Hey everyone, I am new to this site and thought some of you guys would be interested in a new style of dog ID tag I will be making and selling soon.

The idea is simple, it's a dog ID tag, with the details on one side, and the owners photo on the other side (or any photo you wish for that matter).
The idea is that someone in your neighbourhood may find your precious escaped Labrador, see the picture of you, and think, I know him/her, I'll take their dog back round to them incase they're worrying... etc

There are several different styles as shown in the picture below:

The tags will be $15 and are made from a thick durable plastic and the image is binded with the material so it will not peel and is waterproof.

I do not have the tags yet, I am just looking to see if there is interest for them while I am getting back on my feet after dealing with Cancer for the last 3 years.

ANY feedback will be very much appreciated.

Please post a reply. Thanks for your time and enjoy your stay