Hello, anyone who may help me find where I got my lab pup from in Sept. 2003:
I was on the way from Windsor to Point Pelee with my sister. Saw a sign on the main road, left side, I think it was a white house"chocolate labrador puppies for sale". The owners had at least 2 teenage girls, a pick-up and they said they had travelled with the pups on back of pick-up down from up north. I had to get money with my visa card in the evening by the casino, and then we returned to pick out a wonderful male pup. I was on holiday from Germany. One of the daughters gave me her e-mail adress which I unfortunately lost, but I remember it was something with the word "booty" in it. The puppy was without papers, I was told the father was from a neighbour (puppy was approx. 5 weeks old, approx. $200,-) Anyone who can help me find these people on this few information, please let me know. (