FREE BLACK LAB Female 7 months old Bremerton washington
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Thread: FREE BLACK LAB Female 7 months old Bremerton washington

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    DefaultFREE BLACK LAB Female 7 months old Bremerton washington

    Hi I have a black lab named Jasmine who is in need of a good home. We are in the navy and have recently gotten a smaller yard. Its unfair to her to have to stay in a small yard. I no longer have the time to spend with her that she needs and shes deserves better. Please if anybody is willing to take her please write me. She is great wth children and a great friend.

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    DefaultRe: FREE BLACK LAB Female 7 months old Bremerton washington

    Please try to contact a rescue group near you. They are experienced with placing dogs in appropriate homes by doing things like home checks and questionnaires.

    Be very careful with using the word "free". There are seedy people out there looking for free dogs to do terrible things with especially if your gal is not spayed (which is likely do to her young age). There are people who will want your gal only as a breeding dog. Or worse yet, for experiments (not just an old wives tale)

    Good luck. And keep in mind a lab doesn't need a yard. It just needs a family. I live in an apt and have one dog and a foster dog (another lab). My dogs are happy and get more exercise than most dogs with a big yard.

    a few links to help you (remember, they will take great girl of your gal until she finds a home and are experienced at finding the RIGHT home for dogs)

    I am not familiar with your neck of the woods- try searcing for "labrador rescue" in a major city near you.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky


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