Great pictures and articles from the Past. These contain lots of photos on some of the top winning labs. Will sell multiples or as singles. All are in good shape.

LR-April/may 1988 -Rocheby Blacksmith of Elvelege on the front cover, Valleywood Skyrocket, Valleywood Crow Haven Fiddle, Davoeg Silky Beau, Tabatha, Dickendall, Hennings Mill, Interview with Carol Heidl (Tabatha).

LR- Aug/Sept 1988 Annie Cogo and Tabatha's Windfall Abbey on the cover, Huntsdown Buddha Beechcroft, Eduny Jubilee Squire, Snowden Hill Blackmail, Poolstead Dogs, Lobuff's Sundown At Kerrymark,

Apr/May 1989 Lobuff's Missouri Breaks on cover, Hawkett's Country Heir,

(2 Available) LR June/July 1989 Articles on Know Your Nutrients, Field Training, Labradors and the Standard, Potomac Specialty

LR- Aug/Sept 1989 Justes B Labradors, Articles on supplementing, Winnebago Specialty

Fall 2001 Has - font cover has East Hill Sumo Safair Thyme, Sounders Easy Does It, Crostsway Old Master, Epochs Rum Raisin The Banner, Keepsake Beau Webster, Withara Brodie’s Souvenir, Rocheby Rainmaker,Epoch's Edward of Bonventure, Windfall's Pipe Major, Keepsake Brickhouse, article on Chocolates, LRC Greater Denver, LRC Southern Connecticut

$10 each plus shipping.
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