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    I am currently looking for up to 25 writers to work for our company, TopDog Brands, LLC. I serve as the Editor-in-Chief for TopDog Brands, and would like to bring together talented writers to be part of our Creative Development Team.

    You do not need experience writing professionally but each candidate must be able to write well. A college education is preferred but not a requirement. You need adequate to good typing skills; familiarity with MS Word is a must. The topics will start off being mostly about dogs for the time being, and then will vary as we expand into other sites. At this time, we are looking for writers to write mostly about dogs in general. You must have a reliable online connection, a very strong knowledge of how the internet works as well as how to use search engines to gather information, and access to a library or other reading materials, should it be necessary. Access to a fax machine will also be useful.

    I have two levels of writers I am hiring for at this time, as Independent Contractors. Anybody who is contracted to write for us will ideally be open to submitting either Level I or II work, based on your schedule as well as availability of assignments from our company.

    Level I:

    Level I will involve basic research in books or on the web, and require good reading comprehension as well as summation skills. You will need to compile the information and integrate it into the format we will designate. These documents will usually consist of fact-gathering, summarizing and then entering data. In Level I writing, the writing is considered property of the company and credit will not be given to the writer who compiled the facts and research into document format. Topics will include breed profiles, breed standards, training definitions, club information as well as other fact-based information. Specific dog knowledge and/or dog ownership is not necessary but would be useful.

    Level II:

    Level II writers will involve more extensive research and require excellent reading comprehension skills as well as good writing skills. Topics will include interviews with certain members of the dog community, personal coverage of major events in the case I cannot send out employees to your area to cover the event, editorial content, and if you have a certain area of expertise, it may also include blogs and other relevant articles pertaining to your area of expertise. Due to the more personal nature of the writing as well as the inclusion of opinions, all Level II writing will be credited to the author, but by submission, the article itself becomes the property of my company to use at our discretion.

    Level III

    All Level III writers are company employees and are full or part-time staff.

    Procedure Guidelines / Compensation:

    v The positions are completely part-time and based only on your availability. Whether or not you choose to accept an assignment or project is entirely at your discretion.

    v There is no minimum or maximum amount of work that must be accepted or done in order for you to remain on our list of independent writers.

    v Projects/Assignments will be posted to the announcement list on yahoo, and the first person to respond as being interested in getting the project will be the one to get it. At that time, I will update the announcement list that the position has been filled. If there is a particular article that suits one writer more than the other, I reserve the right to approach that writer directly without a public announcement.

    v Project/Assignment Announcements will be posted with all relevant details. Including Level I or II, compensation for completion of the project – and just as vital, the deadline by which it is due.

    v Due to the nature of this business, keeping a deadline is first and foremost. If a writer misses one deadline, the writer will no longer be contracted for work at TDB.

    v Once the work is completed, each Independent Contractor who has submitted work in a 2 week period will invoice our office once every two weeks for compensation to our Accounting/Payroll by faxing in their signed invoice by Monday afternoon. All paychecks will go out on Tuesday via US Mail. All Independent Contractors are responsible for their own taxes.

    v TopDog Brands reserves the right to utilize one writer more than another without posting to the list when it is deemed appropriate, based on the topic as well as work performance. On such occasions – assignments will be offered first to the individual and if not accepted, will be posted to the list.

    Job Highlights:

    Ř This is an ideal position for someone who is at home, or works from home.

    Ř This position would work out nicely for someone who has additional time and is looking for a side-income.

    Ř This position is not consistent or permanent, and the workload offered will vary by week. Some weeks, up to 25 projects/assignments may be offered. Some weeks may go by with no assignments at all.

    Ř It is up to each writer to find out about the tax laws governing Independent Contractors. Taxes are not deducted by TopDog Brands, and you will be responsible for paying any and all taxes that might be due to the IRS.

    If you are interested in this position, or should you know someone who might be – please reply to this e-mail with a brief introduction listing whatever experiences may have, as well as any areas of expertise you might have, and attach a writing sample to the e-mail so that we may consider you for this job. Also, if you have a resume, attaching one would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Please send your e-mails to [email protected] with “Writing Position” in the subject line, and I will get back to you shortly.

    Please feel free to forward on this message to any qualified person that you feel might be interested.

    Grace Keh, Editor-in-Chief
    TopDog Brands LLC
    San Bruno, CA

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    DefaultRe: OT: Looking for Writers

    Don't bother with this one, the project went belly up.


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