I have an ebay store and lots more stuff available that I haven't had a chance to list it all. Here is a link to the store. It has some treats but mostly my scrapbooking supplies and pages.
I also have available different Zukes Treats such as:
Mini Naturals in all 3 flavors - PB, Chicken and Salmon
Hip Action - 6oz Beef and PB and 1lb PB
Power Bones - 6oz Beef & Rice, Chicken & Rice, PB
Jerky Naturals - 6oz Beef and Lamb

I also have Nature's Variety Dry Roasted Treats:
Ham Bones
Lamb Bones
Beef Shank Fillets
Dried Turkey Breast
Pizzle Bits
Tasty Trotters

And I also carry Earth Bath Shampoos
Bottles and Bath Wipes

PM me for prices and Shipping