Wanted: Dog agility equip.
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Thread: Wanted: Dog agility equip.

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    DefaultWanted: Dog agility equip.

    I am looking for any agility equipment/obstacles that are no longer needed and would like to give to someone that will actually use them. I am currently trying to train in agility, but do not have the items needed nor have the necessary money to build everything on my own. I already have a weave pole set and one bar jump, really interested in a fabric tunnel, a-frame, dog walk and/or tire jump. So, if you have any that you would really like to get rid of for a really low price or free, please let me know. Thanks.

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    We actually purchased a dog agility stater kit for our lab and for future foster dogs as activity exercise, it is affordable and doing great here Dog Agility Starter Kit, Dog Agility Course, Dog Agility Equipment

    Just thought to share and recommend in case you need to buy instead..

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