Drawing your labradors, and other pets~
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Thread: Drawing your labradors, and other pets~

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    Thumbs upDrawing your labradors, and other pets~

    Hi, my name is Linda, and I'll be drawing your pets for a small fee.

    Soulful art

    I will draw your pets in these styles.

    A drawing that is colored in on the computer, a sketch drawn on the computer, a sketch on paper, or a colored drawing on paper. Etc

    Be sure to post pictures of the pet if it has specific markings/colors so I can get a better way on how he/she will look in that pose.

    The prices are:

    A sketch drawn on paper, or the computer: 4$
    A full body picture that is colored in on the computer: 10$
    A full body sketch that is drawn on the computer, or paper: 5$
    A head shot of your pet that is drawn on the computer: 3$
    A head shot of your pet that isn't colored in: 3$
    Draw a picture and send it to you for 15$

    if you want your other pets drawn too, I will discount it so you will only have to pay 5$, then 3$ if you want another pet drawn as well.

    I draw dogs pretty well, and rodents.

    Here's some examples of my art:

    (drawings on the computer)













    (drawings on paper)





    Most of the cats here are ragdolls, they are Lynn's boys Boo, and Bentley, Linda's ragdoll Leyla, Cello, and her son's moggie Oscar, and the other one is Laura's ragdoll Cheyenne, and one is Paula's dog Dakota.

    I came from another forum, but there wasn't as many people on there as they are here.

    I try to capture each animal's individual personality in each of my drawings, and also add quotes to do so just as well.

    I'm drawing one rodent for free also. It can be a rat, hamster, guinea pig, or gerbil, I don't mind which rodent though.

    Pm me, or just see my blog at: Soulful art

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