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Keeping in Sync with Your Puppy’s Body Language During Housetraining

If you have just brought home a new Labrador Retriever puppy, you should expect some accidents when it comes to bathroom duties. Helping your puppy avoid messing during housetraining requires your vigilance and of course your patience and tolerance.

Animals display specific actions and behaviors to convey specific messages. This is their way to communicate with their owners since they are unable to talk. One does not have to be a dog whisperer to understand what his dog wants to convey. Being a responsible pet owner entails patience and of course a little research in order to satisfy your pet’s needs and train him to behave correctly.
When housetraining your puppy, you have to keep watch and constantly remind your puppy to go to a designated area inside the house or in your lawn for elimination. Positive reinforcement is a very important aspect in housetraining a puppy. Whenever your puppy goes to your designated area to eliminate, you should never fail to appreciate and make your puppy understand that you are happy for such an accomplishment.

However when your puppy poops in the wrong place never attempt to raise your voice or beat him for this can incite fear which can surely paralyze your training program. Be sensitive and watchful over the many cues that your pet may put across. There are certain behaviors and positions that your puppy may display when he needs to go potty thus you should be aware of these so you can immediately guide him to the designated potty training area to spare you from a lot of messes and problems.

Each time the puppy eliminates at the right spot, do not forget to reinforce it positively by letting them hear you are proud of what they’ve done. Show that you are happy with his behavior by giving him his favorite treat and heaping lavish praise to let him know that you are pleased.

On the first week of training, you must at least have a note pad or notebook ready where you can log the elimination behavior of your puppy. Most of those who understand how potty training should work in the course of teaching puppies become desirable dogs understand the importance of tracking down specific behavior. You can play by the ear but jotting down every important progress and improvement which will help you identify and anticipate the dog’s feelings and reactions. Reading the signals correctly will ensure that you have a better potty training and floors free from any mess.

Some dogs may position themselves in such a way that they get your attention. However, such posture can be an indication that it is about to void or defecate. Seeing this posture can warn the owner of what might happen next. In the same way, as soon as the owner sees the dog’s posture and anticipates the next thing that shall happen, he or she may be able to send out messages, signals and commands for the dog to follow.

Most often, a puppy that is about to defecate may go about in circles. Younger puppies may simply squat, poop, and go. Generally, all puppies whether it is a male or female, squat when they urinate. So, if you are house-training your new puppy, watch out for signs where the puppy may want to squat. It is time for you to swiftly bring him outside or to the potty training area to attend to his bathroom duties.

If they squat to urinate, puppies generally ran back and forth and turn in circles as it sniffs for the best place to squat. If defecation is about to happen, the puppy’s anus will protrude or slightly open. Some common signal that a puppy is about to defecate is when it begins to squat and contracts its abdominal muscles to form a hunchback, then there is no mistaking what will follow. It is bound to defecate in a few minutes or seconds.

The key towards successful house-training with a new puppy is essentially being attuned to the different signs or body language that is being displayed by the puppy. Knowing what certain behaviors will mean can ensure that you will know what to do and what to expect.

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