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Tips, tricks and advice for training Labrador Retrievers

Teaching Your Labrador Retriever Give & Take

Using clicker training you can teach your Lab many great tricks and commands. One of the easiest and handiest of the tricks is the combination of “give” and “take”. Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows that sooner or later you will spy your new Lab running around with something he isn’t supposed to have in his mouth. Using the “give” and “take” commands can help you retrieve items your pup shouldn’t have. It can also help you get dangerous items back from him and train the rare reluctant retriever to do his job.


Labrador Retrievers and Obedience Classes

Discipline is one of the most important aspects of owning any Dog.

Puppy school is not an option – it is a necessity to train owners and it is important to include children in the family. That way, everyone will learn how to manage the dog and nurture it into becoming a well-adjusted member of the family.

Puppy school helps develop good habits right from the start. Wait until your puppy is at least 6 months old before putting it through any serious work.

Labrador Retriever Basic Training Guide

Labrador Retrievers are family dogs – this breed loves having people around. Labrador Retrievers are gentle with children. This dog loves to play and is always ready, particularly with kids. Introduce your Labrador Retriever to children early, as this will bond dog and child and prevent jealousy. You will find the Labrador Retriever will be more protective towards that child.

Discipline your dog!

It's a matter of thinking and working a step ahead of your Labrador Retriever. Again, you should do it with love and firmness. Moreover, a Labrador Retriever that is well behaved today may not remain so forever. A dog's behavior constantly changes; so make the discipline constant.

Train your dog!

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