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Tips, tricks and advice for training Labrador Retrievers

How to Prevent Food Aggression in Your Lab

The Labrador Retriever is widely known for being one of the gentlest and friendliest dog breeds out there. All dogs, however, are prone to developing certain bad habits based on their socialization and upbringing. One of the most common behavioral problems seen in dogs like the Lab is food aggression. Fortunately, you can work with your dog to reduce and even reverse this behavior.

What is Food Aggression in Dogs?

Preparing to Raise a Labrador Retriever Puppy

It’s almost time for you to bring your Labrador Retriever puppy home and you need to get prepared. Many dog owners encounter this situation and often get nervous and don’t know where to begin. Whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned pet owner, you will still need to make preparations before bringing your dog home. The guide below will bring you on your journey to preparing for your new family member.

Socializing Your Labrador Retriever

Socializing your Labrador Retriever will help him or her learn to become comfortable with their everyday environment and surroundings. Your Lab will become familiar with a variety of surroundings including noises, people, cars, kids, sights, scents and other animals in the neighborhood. As a dog owner you will want to expose your Labrador Retriever to his or her new environment immediately upon arriving home. There are a variety of steps listed below that will help guide you on your journey of socializing your dog.

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