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Lab Rescue of Florida

"Saving Labradors throughout Florida one dog at a time" that's the tagline on the logo of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRRoF). And that is the mission statement that LRRoF has lived by since its inception in the year 2000.

LRRoF is a non-profit organization (with no State or Federal Funding) run completely by volunteers with 100% of the proceeds going to help Labs in crisis. The objective of the group is to support humane societies, animal shelters and each local community throughout the state in the placement of unwanted and abandoned purebred Labrador retrievers

Those of you who are lifelong Lab lovers, probably find it hard to believe that people actually abandon or turn their backs on these wonderful creatures. But they do. And when that happens in Florida, LRRoF is there to take the call from a local shelter or to accept the surrender form from an owner who just can't (or won't) dedicate themselves to their animal any longer.

This statewide organization is divided into 11 districts with a total of 130 active volunteers who work tirelessly to place abandoned and unwanted Labs into new homes. When the phone rings or the surrender application comes in, the volunteers in Florida get busy. The appropriate district is notified that a dog is in need and that is all it takes. A volunteer is dispatched to the local shelter or the owner's home, the dog is evaluated immediately, transport is arranged and a foster home is notified that they have a new dog on the way.

Once in foster care, each dog receives a medical evaluation to determine the extent, if any, of medical care necessary. LRRoF could not sustain itself without an ever-growing, statewide network of veterinarians who are just as committed to placing healthy labs in new homes and who understand the limited resources of an organization like LRRoF.

LRRoF, Inc. provides foster care, veterinary care, spaying/neutering and microchips for the Labradors in its adoption program. The goal is to place Labradors in appropriate, permanent homes. The placement process includes a written a application and a home visit of the potential adopter.

Last year, LRRoF saved over 400 Labs throughout Florida and since its inception in the year 2000, LRRoF has rescued more than 1,000 dogs! As long as there are Labs in need in the state of Florida, LRRoF will be there to help insure that these animals are healthy and find loving new families.

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