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Blogs and stories from Labrador Retriever owners and enthusiasts.

Traveling With Your Labrador Retriever

Most Labrador retrievers have become an important part of the family that we often feel bad leaving them at home or at a boarding kennel when we go on trips. Traveling with our Labs is certainly one enjoyable experience provided that you have undertaken your preparations well. By preparation, we are referring to obedience and behavior training and adequate exposure that your Labrador retriever should receive to prepare him for new experiences and surroundings when you hit the road.

Before planning your trip, consider your dog’s age. Some state laws provide that a puppy should be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned from its mother before it can be allowed to stay in a plane’s cargo hold. Most vets discourage air travel for geriatric canines.

A Labrador Retriever can be your Kid’s Best Friend

One of the best reasons why the Labrador retriever has never been unseated as the number one well-loved dog in the United States and Europe is the fact that it can be a child’s best friend. The Labrador retriever has gained a widely favorable reputation of being one of the most gentle and friendly dog breeds that can work well with people, young and old.

If you are looking for the best dog breed for your family, bring home a Labrador retriever. Many families who are lucky enough to have a Lab will attest to the distinct bond that binds their children and their canine friend. Although you will be looked up as the alpha dog and your Lab looks up to you as a friend, the bond of friendship that links him to your child is out of this world—it’s strong, boundless, and unconditional.

Are you Ready for a Labrador Retriever?

An excellent family dog, good-natured, perfect with kids—all these glowing qualities and more! This is the Labrador Retriever.

A Lab is a bundle of joy and energy. He is super friendly to everyone and everything. Although very responsive to obedience training, your friendly Lab hides a stubborn streak that is often unleashed at times. Expect to find him chewing your shoes or furniture and mouthing your hands, if his mouth does not have anything to carry around. Thus you have to give him a box full of toys that he can chose what to chew on when he feels to urge.

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