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Are you Ready for a Labrador Retriever?

An excellent family dog, good-natured, perfect with kids—all these glowing qualities and more! This is the Labrador Retriever.

A Lab is a bundle of joy and energy. He is super friendly to everyone and everything. Although very responsive to obedience training, your friendly Lab hides a stubborn streak that is often unleashed at times. Expect to find him chewing your shoes or furniture and mouthing your hands, if his mouth does not have anything to carry around. Thus you have to give him a box full of toys that he can chose what to chew on when he feels to urge.

While growing in years, a Labrador remains one spirited teenager for many long years. He will continually to test your patience to the max with puppy-like glee and melt your heart with an intelligent and thoughtful expression.

Having a Labrador Retriever will give you a different perspective in life. A Lab’s enthusiasm for life is highly infectious and it will flow and reach the deep recesses of your mind and soul. A Lab will meet you with a smile and an otter-tail that never seems to stop wagging. Nowhere in the world will you meet another dog who is dependable around everyone, maintain his peace with other animals, and overly eager to please the Alpha Dog.

On the downside, you might not have a room in your life for a Labrador Retriever when you don’t have time to provide your dog with an ample amount of exercise every day. An over-confined Lab can become rambunctious and this can give rise to undesirable behavior such as incessant chewing of anything it can have access to. Labs love to keep their mouths busy—whether carrying an object, chewing on one, or savoring the taste and smell of your hands in play.

Aside from regular physical activity, a Lab needs adequate mental stimulation to keep their minds working and physically doing interesting things. A bored Labrador is a ticking time bomb. He can become destructive and can turn your house and yard upside down.

You might be overwhelmed by a rowdy Lab who meets you with exuberant jumping when you get home. Labrador Retrievers, especially the younger ones, are over-bouncy creatures and they love to romp and jump with abundant energy. They can send things flying and people falling especially those who are not able to be on guard when their Lab comes jumping and frolicking in abandoned glee. If you have small children or an elderly individual living with you, you should think twice about getting a Lab. However, you may opt to get an older Lab which has a more mature and calmer disposition and temperament.
Labrador Retrievers shed a lot, thus you have to run a fine-toothed hairbrush at least twice a week to avoid getting dog hairs everywhere around the house. They also emit a characteristic strong odor which you may find undesirable or cause you to sneeze.

You need to safeguard your Lab from a handful of health problems with predisposition to the breed. Labs can suffer from bloat, stomach dilatation, cancer, heart diseases, and hip dysplasia to name a few.

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