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Thread: How many times a day do you feed your puppy?

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    Each puppy is different in my experience; I went to two feedings per day for 7.5 month old Kona at 4 months; she appeared ravenous and began to be a food thief racing to the other dogs bowls as soon as she scarfed her meal down. I went back to three a day and increased the amount just a bit but she still was a food thief three to four weeks later so I weaned her back down to the adult's schedule of twice a day but kept the increased ration.

    I am weaning Dreama down to two meals now at 3.5 months; she still gets two kibble filled Kongs per day (one given at each nap time) but is fed a bowl at 8 a.m. and again at 5 p.m. for a total of 3 cups per day at the moment. I use kibble for training supplemented with the occasional piece of chicken or dog biscuit….I also give her and Kona one fresh egg per week from our chickens since that is what my parents did with their labs as Breeders back in the day. And I will give each of them a ration of yogurt if I see bowl movement changes to help rebalance her gut.

    Anyway, each dog is different - the advice of your breeder and your vet should be weighed against what you know about your own dog…it can take some juggling to figure out what is best for you puppy.

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    I have 8 wk old puppies currently, just starting to leave today. They've been fed 4x a day. Most will go to 3x immediately. By the time mine are 12 wks, I'm doing more training so I set that lunch kibble aside for a mid day training session or 2. After a bit, they don't even think about "lunch" anymore if they are getting some training in and so it erases that from their minds.

    The key thing to remember (imo) is that smaller meals tend to be used better by puppies, so if better used, the less food per day they really require in the end. Anne

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