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Thread: Am I just getting lucky or is my dog messing with me?

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    We had a "miracle" occur one week after our Tally Moe turned one year old - he suddenly stopped counter surfing, charging at me, pushing me around so I would play with him - it was unbelievable...I did not realize they have "adult switches" - he is our third Lab and the other two were fairly crazy for the first two this is an almost surreal experience.

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    I don't know if the have adult switches or not, this something I made up as that's how it seems.

    Best blessings with yours.
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    Callie is from a show line…she has always had a bit of the angel and a bit of the devil in her…(9 years old)

    Angus is from a field sire and a bench dam - he was an angel all the time from day one (biggest issue with him is still pulling while on leash).

    Kona is from show lines….she has always been wild at play with the other dogs but loving and gentle with us humans…and pushes boundaries all the time to see what she can get away with and always with a grin on her face (6 months old now). Very difficult to crate and potty train.

    Dream is from the same lines as Angus and is a demon at play with us and the other dogs but very very intelligent…she is challenging us and is requiring a great deal of on the floor training…(10 weeks old) - yet she is already house trained.

    It is personality as much as breeding….but that is not to say that thoughtless breeding doesn't play into it at all - mating two high drive dogs will result in a litter of high drive dogs with little exception…

    Our Yellow Baby Girl "Dream A Little Dream" born December 16 2014
    Our Chocolate Girl "Kona of the Storm" born August 8 2014
    Our Black Boy "Angus Demetrius" born April 26 2013
    Our Yellow Girl "Calliope" born January 6, 2006
    Our TriPawd "King" - Shelter Rescue born late fall 2004

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