8 week old pup with diarrhea and no other symptoms.
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Thread: 8 week old pup with diarrhea and no other symptoms.

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    Default8 week old pup with diarrhea and no other symptoms.


    I just got a black lab last weekend,and he just turned 8 weeks old today. We named him Gunner. He got his first set of shots and was dewormed five days ago. He had a bunch of worms come out, but the vet said that was normal. It totally freaked my partner out! He's doing good with going poop outside..but we're still not there with pee. There are no other dogs in my complex, but there are some cats. I don't know if he could get anything from them. He's had some diarrhea and it's really runny. He's still really active and happy. You wouldn't know anything was wrong if he didn't have the runs. I started giving him brown rice, with flax seeds and chicken to help with the diarrhea. I normally give him the Costco Kirkland puppy food... That's what his breeder gave him. I also just went and bought pedialite and I just gave him some pepto bismol. I cant find any pumkin. He's still eating and drinking like a food crazed lab. Could this be nerves, the shots, something he ate, or something worse? His vet isn't open until Monday, and I'm so worried. Hopefully it's just the transition.

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    They sometimes have other things, like Coccidia. Did the vet do a check for it? Also, a big change can be stressful for pups, and they sometimes get the runs. If he has severe diarrhea, it could be dangerous for a young puppy. I hope he gets better soon! Good luck!

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    I know this is a delayed response, but it definitely could be Coccidia, or Giardia.
    We got our lab at 8 weeks old, she had her initial shots, was dewormed, but unfortunately was diagnosed with Giardia... this cannot be determined in some vet's offices themselves, but they have to send the labwork out for a more detailed version of the in-office lab work.
    We gave her a powder form of medicine called Panacur, and flagyl, and she's doing great now.

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    Been there done that with Bailey, the vet gave us pills equal to pepto bismol and it worked with in 12 hours, Bailey had worms and we also believe that he ate something in the yard, but when he had it and lost it in his crate I felt so bad for him because he was in the corner like I'm sorry I couldn't wait.

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    You can also try some plain, non fat yogurt until you can reach your vet. I would stick to rice and boiled chicken or ground beef, yogurt and plenty of water until the vet can see the puppy. Keep a careful eye on the puppy, they can dehydrate very quickly. Are there no emergency clinics in the area you live? I hope it all works out and your puppy is better soon!
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