How much day time sleep?
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Thread: How much day time sleep?

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    DefaultHow much day time sleep?

    Hi all,
    how many hours should my 13 week old puppy be sleeping during the day?,is there a certain amount of sleep he should be getting?,I've been walking him around the block a couple of times a day,I think I may be over doing it.

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    they sleep a lot.

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    They sleep alot. My pup is 5 months and we take him for a hour long walk in the morning and an hour long walk at night, lunch time about 20 mins play time or training. He sleeps in his crate while we're at work then he sleeps with us all night. (we go to bed around 11pm, My bf wakes up at 4:30am to let him out and get ready for work.)
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    They sleep allot. Your lucky my pups are like locomotives and never stop! They are 3 months i can run them all day and they sleep through the night but not the day anymore!!!!
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    Spike was never much of a daytime sleeper. The more I crated him for naps during the day, the harder bedtime got. Now that he's older he sleeps more like I would have expected him to do as a puppy


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