Kassa slept on the bed when she was diagnosed.I didn't want to miss one moment with her.
Panting is a sign of pain. For some reason Kassa was worse at night. I put it down to everything being quiet and not having things to keep her mind occupied...plus maybe they don't have to put on a brave face for us. They really are amazing.

When Kass seemed to have bad moments I would think of the things she loved and gently stroke her. It seemed to relax her. I am sure she picked up my thoughts as often she would go and get her lead when I thought of her favourite walks.

I kept a journal so I could see the good and bad days. When she had bad days I would of course panic, then look back and see she had worse ones before and bounced back. It is so hard to remeber with the black cloud hanging over you.
Good thoughts you and your Miss Emily have some lovely days together. She is adorable.