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Thread: When do you know "it's time" ?

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    I don't know any of you (yet) but having gone through the pain of making such a decision twice with two of my beloved cats in the past, I'm sitting here crying with you after reading this thread.

    I had hoped that my 21-yr old cat would have been able to go to sleep one night and just not wake up so I wouldn't have to make that dreaded decision, but she went downhill quickly and we couldn't let her continue like that. It was one of the worst days of my life and I was very bitter that we get put in this position of deciding who lives and who dies, but we say our goodbyes and eventually the grief turns into the desire to love a new creature, of whom will be happy as a peach to receive the never-ending supply of love you have to offer.

    I wish Abbey, yourself, and your family comfort. I noticed that there is no photo of Abbey in your sig. I'd love to see a pic of the darling in her happier years, if you have one and wish to share it.

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    We had a 14-year old dog before. I think he was the oldest one we had. He was our pet since we were kids. The day he died, everyone in the family cried. My mom who wasn't a dog lover felt really stricken too.

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    My 12 year old yellow lab has had diabetes for the last 5 years and we've been managing well. Her cataracts is full in her eyes so she can't see very well at all (side effect of the diabetes). Last night she had a diabetic (hypoglycemic) seizure. I can't figure out if she didn't eat all her food and our second lab did instead as I have two kids that were sick and needy last night. Anyway the insulin shot threw her off last night because of the food intake.

    This is my first dog and she's getting toward the end of her life. Does anyone know if the seizures affect her if she has more? I am afraid to be alone with her and have this emergency with two young kids and no one to help me. Last night she was totally out of it. walking into walls and falling down even after we gave her the Karo syrup. Ended up in emergency and recovered. This morning she seems fine. Just worried that now she will be more prone to seizures and what is "the right time" and "right thing to do"? She's obviously not herself in that she can't do walks or run or play (blindness, knee surgery going on 6ish years), she sleeps all the time and barely wakes for petting or acknowledgement from us or kids. My husband is totally against euthanasia and that is why I ask what is the humane thing to do as I've never experienced a loss of a pet like this. (hamsters imo don't count)

    Also, what are my options, do vets do it in your home? I saw one poster had that option. Do they cremate and give you an urn? Can you just bury in your yard/take the body home? What have others done?
    And what is the cost?

    Thank you! I've been posting on this board sporadically since my labs have been pups.
    --Nancy<br />Mom to Mocha Chocolate, F, 07/16/02 &amp; Caramelle, Yel., F, 12/28/02

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