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    You might also try fish oil caps in his food (Also give vit. E with it). My kids get 1,000-3,000 mg of fish oil a day, depending on dog size and age. They also get Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Belle will be 13 soon, and Kodi and Hoss are six. All are very active, even Belle, although not as bouncy as she was in her younger years, she still runs, jumps and butt tucks around the yard (but then runs for the "safe zone" of the porch when the young'uns start getting the zoomies....they don't always respect age when it comes to body slamming)>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di View Post
    Well from that picture he doesn't look over wt. to me so I would maybe try the glucosimine and see if that helps him.
    i agree he looks like a nice size .My sabrina had a bad hip and we started giving her glucosimine and in a few months there was a great difference. A senior is around 7yrs. and older .He maybe in pain and you can get meds for that .he is very handsom .Good luck

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