Rocky at 17 months old has only one problem; recall! He loves everybody, two or four legs, when we're off leash and he sees or smells friends (new or old friends) he takes off to play with them. He has dog friends 1/4 mile down the road and will run at top speed to visit. The good news is it's rural here, very little traffic, and my neighbors have been great, two have even given him a ride home before I could get there. Of course I'm never sure where he's at and have to search around.
With that said I'd like him to stop and come when called. We have been thru obedience class and can walk it squares on the driveway till the sun sets without problem, that's not the answer. I have tried whistle training and he'll return every time until something more important (you or anyone) comes up, then he ignores me and goes his way. He knows exactly what he's doing........just doesn't see any harm in it.
I'm at a point where I'd like to hire a skilled dog trainer to come here and help, but don't know how I would find one in my area. Suggestions?