Bald spot on her tail
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Thread: Bald spot on her tail

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    DefaultBald spot on her tail

    My 6 month old black lab Nelli had had a bald spot on her tail about an inch and a half by a half inch approximately 2 inches from the base. We've never seen her chew on it (we don't think she can even reach it) and we're pretty sure it's not rubbing on anything in her crate as there are no sharp or rough edges. Our vet has done scrapes on it twice and says he can't see anything under the microscope from it.

    I bumped into our breeder a few weeks ago and he said it sounded like a "hot spot" and suggested adding some fatty acid supplment to her diet. Does anyone one else have experience with this? Suggestions? I'd post a photo but I haven't had any luck doing so.

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    DefaultRe: Bald spot on her tail

    I would consider thyroid testing. That is just where my gal started to go bald on her tail.

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    DefaultRe: Bald spot on her tail

    I usually clip/shave the area around the hot spot, clean it and then sprinkle Gold Bond medicated powder on it. It's best to keep it dry and try to keep your dog from chewing or licking the area.
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    DefaultRe: Bald spot on her tail

    Sounds like "stud tail." Yes even though she's a she, its called stud tail. There is a gland there and sometimes it produces more than normal oil causing a loss of hair. Its not usually a problem but I'd wash it really good in case the gland is clogged.

    I found this on my friend's curly page.

    Why does my curly have a bald spot on his tail? Tail gland hyperplasia

    There is a scent mark on the tail (also called the precaudle gland) which is located about 1/3rd of the way down the length of the tail. You may notice a change of color in a liver dog. Other times the texture of the fur will be different. Sometimes it is characterized by an oily or scaly matting of the hair over the tail gland which may or may not be accompanied by hair loss.

    In dogs this gland is no longer functioning. Although, cats also have this gland, and it still functions. Also called Stud Tail.

    Many times this bald spot, if present, clears up and fills in at maturity.

    Some remedies that have been tried by dog lovers to get the hair to grow back sooner:

    Washing with a good dermacidal soap and using Oxy10

    Using Oxy Wash on the area.

    A horse product called "Epi-Coat" two times a day to area.


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