Under Arm rash
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Thread: Under Arm rash

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    DefaultUnder Arm rash

    I'm new and I found this forum and I'm hoping I will find some answers soon since I can't get my dog into the vet until next week.

    I'm in the Central Valley in California where it is HOT HOT HOT!!! I just noticed my black lab Benecio has a red puffy rash under his arm...basically what I call the armpit..and he doesn't have much hair...not sure if he had very little to begin with or if it's because of the rash. Could this be a hot spot or heat rash of sorts and any recommendations on how to make it better?

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    DefaultRe: Under Arm rash

    McKenzie had a rash like that when the summer first started. She wasnt really bothered by it so we just tried to keep her cool and keep her leash from getting caught under her arms. It was gone within a couple of days.

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    Mckenzie the lab and Maddie the Mastiff wanna be.

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    DefaultRe: Under Arm rash

    One of my dogs has a rash under her arms due to allergies. I've been putting Gold Bond medicated powder on it to keep it cool and dry.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Under Arm rash

    My Lab Noah has a rash under his right arm pit too. i used Bag Balm, but maybe i should try teh gold bond powder. they look like pimples, with some almost looking like whiteheads.

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