Toby is home and I am still needing advice
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Thread: Toby is home and I am still needing advice

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    DefaultToby is home and I am still needing advice

    things seem to be a little rocky. As of right now we don't have any toys out since they cause problems. They nave to fed seperatrely which I knew I would have to do. But we have toy and people aggression issues. I have been taking them out seperately to play with balls. The people issues are I can't really pet or give Toby any affection when Boomer is around without causing a tiff. My husband on the other hand is able to pet both at the same time without as much trouble. That part make me sad cause Toby seems to be an extremely mellow boy. He is very obedient and listens really well to commands. Boomer is way more high strung! It almost seems like Boomer has some sort of attention(I mean getting) anxiety, if there is even such a thing. I am sure part of this is Toby trying to adjust to this being his home. I know that he really miisses not having his ball as much. The inmate that trained him had used that as a reward because he loved it so much. Which I still do when we are outside playing. So any advice or any thing I can read to help us all adjust would be greatly appreciated. I am posting some pics that we took yesterday. The ones of him in the pool are at my dads house we stopped there before heading home. The one has Toby of course and my youngest son. Thanks in advance.

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    DefaultRe: Toby is home and I am still needing advice

    Someone more experienced hopefully can help you with your toy aggression issues.

    However, I just wanted to say that I noticed that you have choke chains on both your boys in the pictures. While they are okay for walking, they should never be left on in the house/while not walking. They are extremely dangerous. I worked for a vet clinic and I can't tell you how many dogs with neck injuries/injured tracheas/etc we had because of the owners that failed to take those collars off.
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