Winger design?
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Thread: Winger design?

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    DefaultWinger design?

    Does anyone have pictures of a winger that they made? I am thinking of starting some serious training and wanted to make my own wingers and thought maybe someone had pics of a good design? If not what brand would you recomend Zinger? Bumper Boy, etc.. What remotes would you recomend Tri Tronics or Dogtra etc..?

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    DefaultRe: Winger design?

    I use Bumper Boy & love them I train alone 90% of the time I have used Zingers & Gunners Up like the GU a little better Tri-Tronics are the best in my mind for electronics Here a plans for home made You can make them with & with out electronics
    Sent a PM with pictures If anyone else needs the pictures let me know
    Launcher Parts


    • 2 way radio with headphone jack i.e. Motorola t4900/t5900 (radio shack, $24.99)
    Make sure you have the headphone/speaker piece
    • 9.6v rechargeable battery and charger (radio shack, $19.99)

    • PEI Low Voltage trigger (internet, $16.99)

    • 2-wire actuator arm (eBay, $6.32)

    • Headset adapter (radio shack, $.99)

    • Battery repair kit (radio shack, $2.99)

    • Project Box 6”x4”x2” (radio shack, $4.99)

    • 9vDC SPDT relay (radio shack, $4.29)

    • Electrical Tape

    PVC Joints
    Total of 17 joints.
    • (2) 1” 45 degree bend

    • (8) 1” to ½” T – In the picture you can see I substituted 2 of these for 2 1” cross joints to stabilize the base a little better. – If you do this you will have to get an adapter to fit 2 of the ½” legs.

    • 1” to 1” T

    • (4) ½” to ½” 90 degree bend

    • (2) ½” to ½” T

    PVC Pipe

    (3) Full length ½” 600psi PVC piping (Home Depot, $4.17)
    Total of 11 pieces will be needed, all measurements vary.
    • (2) 38 ½”
    • (2) 38 ½” cut to 12 ½” and 26” – 4 pieces total
    • 9.5”
    • (4) 19 ½”

    (2) Full length 1” 450psi or 600psi PVC piping (Home Depot, $5.18)
    Total of 16 pieces will be needed. – all measurements vary.
    • (2) 4 ¼”
    • 7 ½”
    • 4 ½”
    • 25” – front leg
    • 3 ½”
    • 3 ¼”
    • 10 ½”+
    • 14 ¼”
    • Some various length smaller pieces for putting the base together.

    Measurements will vary, so adjust length as you see fit.

    Miscellaneous Hardware

    • Tru-Fire Patriot bow release (Sporting Goods Store, $14.99)
    Drill a tiny hole in trigger
    Cut the bent part of the threads off of the base.
    • (4) ¼” to 2 ½” long eyebolt (Home Depot, $1.98)

    • ¼” to 2” long eyebolt, used on center of pouch (Home Depot, $.98)

    • (4) 1 ½” pulleys (Home Depot or Lowes (lowes are better), $9.92)

    • (4) Quick Link Carabineer 800lb (Home Depot, $15.49)

    • (4) ¼” nylon insert lock nut (Home Depot, $1.96)

    • Bag of Strong Zip ties (Home Depot, $5.78)

    • 6” Thin Wire Rope with Vinyl Covering (Home Depot, $.42)

    • 1 pouch (Orion dog supply, $15.00)

    • 120” of elastic tubing cut into 4 30” sections (Orion Dog Supply, $1.29 per ft)

    • Piece of ¼” rope for front leg brace

    • Small piece of high test fishing line or metal leader.

    I believe this list includes every piece except, PVC primer and glue. My suggestion is to build the base first, then the top square, and then the middle. Then adjust and glue it all together, but check everything first before gluing. Now you have a manual winger.

    Once you move onto electronics, use the exact pieces listed above, I tried a different low voltage trigger and it wouldn’t work, and the pieces listed above work great. Use the following website to guide you threw the process. The most difficult part is the soldering, but it is actually pretty easy, just look at the wiring diagram and test before putting it all together. You can also use different 2 way radios but they have to have the headphone jack.

    This website is also very helpful:

    It contains more pictures and some helpful hints.

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    DefaultRe: Winger design?

    I have a "Son-of-a-Gun" winger with Tritronics for the remote part and LOVE it! It is small enough to fit into my station wagon.
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    DefaultRe: Winger design?

    I have 3 ZWII's, and one Gunners Up. There is not much difference, I like the ZW release a little better. The TT releases are much more dependable than the Dogtra's, in my experiance.
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    ricky Guest

    DefaultRe: Winger design?

    Tri-Tronics electronics are much better IMO. I use them at 400 yards plus all the time without any problems.

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    DefaultRe: Winger design?

    I like Tri-Tronics & if you ever have any questions or problems, their customer service is excellent.

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